About Us

Collective thinking

since 2005

The Y story

In 2005, we had a dream: to create a community in Pécs, a professional workshop, that knows know obstacles, dares and is able to be completely different from other participants of the market.

Our team of 25 people works on the success of our partners every day, using their experience in research, development and marketing.

Even our self-developed product, beeward.buzz, serves no less than the goal of making recognition a commonplace.

Our mission is to make mutual respect and recognition a core value in as many organizations as possible.

We create
with ❤️‍🔥

Collective values

Think outside the box

From the beginning, we are driven by the desire to create something unique. We are convinced that this is not possible without pushing the boundaries.
We love to be eccentrics, we are even proud of it.


Find focus

It is useless to have a high degree of freedom if the direction is not set. Our goal is to focus on what’s really important to our partners, users and us as well.


Bee kind

Teamwork and a good mood are two values ​​without which our existence makes no sense. Would all this work if we didn’t pay attention to each other? We don’t think so.


No drama Llama

Is the deadline tight? Are there many mistakes? Is your colleague bothering you? Is Friday still too far away? It happens to everyone. Search for a gif, pull you co-worker’s leg, or just suck in some fresh air. Nothing is worth it to be tense.

This is the Y

We turn your vision into something tangible – whether that’s a written narrative, brand identity, website, product, app, or something we don’t yet have a name for.

Ákos Resch Backend developer
Bálint Kovács Lead developer
Bianka Biró UI designer
Domokos Károly Project Manager
Éva Kulcsár Frontend developer
Éva Molnár Backend developer
Fincza Gergely Frontend developer
Gergő Plecskó Frontend developer
János Farkas Frontend developer
Marietta Vida Office manager
Máté Lovas CEO, founder
Miklós Szilas Frontend developer
Szabolcs Hajdu Backend developer
Tamás Gerényi Frontend developer